Amnesty International for Traffickers of Women
emma.de, 30 Jan 2014 (Germany)

Interview with Tanja Rahm
welt.de, 19 Jan 2014 (Germany/Denmark)

Prostitution and ChoiceDr. Ingeborg Kraus
karlsruherappell.com via Emma Magazin, 19 Jan 2014 (Germany)

Reason, Emotions and Buying Sex
aftenposten.no, 04 Feb 2014 (Norway)

A John Comes Forward: I don’t see them as people
nd.no, 06 Feb 2014 (Norway)

Views of a John
magazin-forum.de, 07 Feb 2014 (Germany)

Interview with Sabine Constabel: “Sex has become consumer goods”
stuttgarter-zeitung.de, 18 Mar 2014 (Germany)

Open Letter to Amnesty International from Swedish National Committee for UN Women
unwomen.se, 29 Jan 2014 (Sweden)

The German Model: Brazil’s new prostitution law
banishea.wordpress.com, 27 March 2014 (Germany)

Pimp confesses to beating and threatening women in German human trafficking trial
abendzeitung-muenchen.de, 27 March 2014 (Germany)

Amnesty Sweden rejects decriminalization proposal
sydsvenskan.se, 08 May 2014 (Sweden)

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